Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Start over.

I miss us. and I don't mean together hanging out. I mean like I miss us being so close and telling each other everything. For once, If I had to count the reasons why I love you and why I'm so in love with you. I'd have count forever. you know, I'm glad that you trust me. It makes me fell like I'm worth something. but, I probably felt sorry. I shouldn't have did that to you. I would like it to start over. For just once, I wish I could just be me. the old me. I hate being the fake me in front of you. I want to be the me with no masks on, no rehearsed answers, no empty promises & no fake smiles. but, it couldn't have been. why can't everything just start over?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A thousand words nor tears!:)

I should have stop dreaming. If you really truly wants me. nothing will keep you away. You will do everything that could be able to be with me. Giving up always an option but never a choice.You just give up. you just stop showing. but, I still don't understand. How could you walk away that easily from me? Did you ever even love me? This is me being real. This is actually how I feel. I don't know. should I really forget about you? It's hard, you know? losing someone you truly cared about. A thousand words couldn't bring you back. I know. neither could thousand tears? I think it's better for me to end this feelings for you and start another than to imprison myself in hoping for the impossible:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stay with me!:)

I remember a prison of all memories between us and I'm drowning in tears. I remember a voice, that was calling my name. and I know. I'll never feel this anymore. All the time you made me cry. I walked away and never said goodbye. I guess I lost you. now, you probably just gone. I tried to hide the pain. But, all I can see is you!:) How can I do it? I don't have any clue. Would you stay with me?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

you're just the same.

I'm sad. I thought you're different. you'll fight for what you love & you fight for what you deserve to. but, it proved me. I was wrong. you just stop loving me, the moment I fall for you. the day you stop used to be the day I start!:) I broken my own heart by loving you. It's alright. I'm alright!:) I know it's hard to fight with your fear. I understand. I've let you go. treat her right!:)I've moved on. moving on by remembering it but it doesn't affect me anymore!:)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


People do said, let go when you're hurting too much, give up when love isn't enough and move on when things aren't like before. There's someone out there who willing to give them all to you & love you more. I know. I deserve better and meant to be happier than now. I know. I should give up and believe she never make changes. I know. I should move on and live better than she does. but, I still love her. she's the one, I love with all my heart and it never disappears when we're apart. I've done everything just to make her happy. I want to paint our future together. I know it's not worth for me to do so. I just make this decision.