Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Me + You = ♥ :) Me - you = :(

She's popular and has the perfect everything.She's smart,and she's even kind,but most importantly,she has me:)But,when comes to me:)I should tell you.I'm not perfect,I am:) who I am:)so,please accepted me for who I am:)and love me for who I am:)I just want you to know,you made me smile each day:)and you the one that I love the most and most probably are the ones that hurt me the most:)although I'm hearing something that kills me inside and I gonna act like I'm fine:)I sit and stare quietly sometimes you are just too cute for words:)The way I feel about you, I just can't explain.It's the way my heart beats when I hear you name:)

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