Saturday, January 1, 2011

Through love:)

Can we pretend, that airplanes in the night sky:)are like shooting star:)I could really use a wish right now:)When all the wishes,in my mind:)all the dreams, I had:)and all the things, that I ever hoped for soared into the sky:)and where reflected in someone's eyes, then I have found you:) I carry your heart with me:)Through love, all that is bitter:)will be sweet:)through love, all that is copper:)will be gold:)through love,all dregs will turn to purest wine:)through love all the pain will be medicine:)through love the dead will all become alive and through love the king will turn into a slave:)I have smile to many people:) for more than a billion times:)but when I first saw you,my heart took over and smile for the first time:)

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