Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'll let go of you.

When you love someone, what's important to you is their happiness, not yours. I should let go of you. I want you to be happy. your happiness always my happiness.My thoughts telling me that you don't love me anymore. and I know it's true. might be true. who's know? only you! I truly wanna know about the truth. who's the someone? can you tell me everything when I ask you? don't tell me it was just a misunderstanding. you said 'We're together is what I wanted, but, when I think I would be reject. it hurts. it really do hurt me. I feel like crying.' first thought that goes into my mind is ' you're telling it to someone. and that's hurt when the someone isn't me. I'm alright. no worries. but, I used to revive back memories. when did I do wrong? what did I've ever done with it? where did I go wrong? tell me! I just wanna know. and I'll never change for it. cause I'll never keep you when you love someone else. your heart don't belong to me anymore. and what for? for keeping you at my side when you don't really love me? my life still go on without you. I could tell you. no matter how hard the situation is. I'll never fall. I'll back off so you can live better. time to say goodbye to you.

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