Saturday, July 2, 2011


I just hate it, when I have to depend on 'someone' to get my things done.maybe, for you:)it's normal. but, to me. I seen that I'm useless. I dislike it so much. I'll gonna do it all by myself. you can't changed me. This is me. you know, I hate it. when I heard someone said that I'm taking advantages on you. I would just ignore it:)despite the fact that I'm not:) do you wanna know, why? why would I choose to do everything all by my own without your help? cause I wanna prove to them that I wasn't depending on you. I want them to know that I do deserve that. and I do deserve to have you. sorry. I wouldn't accept your help. don't lend me a hand. you making me, doesn't know how to ignore you. ignore your help. I want to get that, with what I have. not because I am with you nor your help. wish you could understand me:) and I know you will. you always will.

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