Saturday, July 2, 2011


I'm sorry. I felt so sorry to you. I should have take it. and pass it to someone. but, I didn't do so. you're right.(Domino's..) what a good sister nor a good couple I am. in the opposite meaning. I'm speechless. I've make you angry. I'm in fear. you're totally sound so much more different when you're angry. I don't want to get a damn from you. please, do forgive me. I don't mean to do so. it was just, what for I take the 'thingy' when I'm not going? and I know I'm the one who knows everything. your IC.and I'm the one who could just go and get that 'thingy' so easily. but,..:( stop with those craps. I'm trying my best just to find you the 'thingy'. but, people need it, you either. I'm trying to help up. but, I just can't find one. even one.oh gosh. I'm just so useless. I shouldn't be living in this world. making you angry like this. *sigh. Nothing that I could just do it for you. no one willing to lend it. and I take it so easily. without, thinking about the outcome.

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