Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do have to sacrifice.

You do have to sacrifice for what you wished to have.that's why, you been given a life for.In this world that we're standing, there's nothing that we're can purchase without hard work.there's will be no success for those who don't sacrifice. and there's wouldn't be love otherwise.and everyone do make mistake.or maybe, we wouldn't said it as mistake.It could be lesson for us. something, It's hurt a lot.and I guess most probably you doesn't know it.cause I'm there always.acting that I'm okay.and will be fine for everything.I'll keep moving on like no one seeing,that I'm hurt inside.tears wouldn't be a lie.but,I wouldn't cry in front of you.I'll stay stronger till the very always thought that forgiveness will always be there,no matter what. but,I should tell you that I wouldn't be waiting for you to say I'm sorry.but,I'll leave you.when you don't realize that you're making the mistake worst and worst.why do we ever hold on to the feeling.and the feeling that could make us more sorrow and sad?:)

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