Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gift from the floodgates of heaven

A form of love so sublime, That grows in faith with the passing of time, A love so infinite, nothing could measure:)A love that lasts forever and ever. A love that's unconditional, equal and kind, A love that words can't fully define, A love so pure, divine and holy, yet, despite its flawlessness- It resisted nobody:)A love that guarantees a joy everlasting, A love that outshines the deepest of sorrows, A love that teaches us real living, and not worry about tomorrow. A love that brings contentment, when times in life are tough, for it comes with grace that's sufficient, this love is more than enough. A love that tells us to overlook insults, and not try to self- defend, nobody said that it's easy, but this love brings refuge and strength. A love that forgets mistakes, as long as we repent, a love of endless mercies, to forgive us sinful men.A love that we can believe in,to guide us in all that we do, that it may leave us doubtless, because its promise are true:) A love that knows no skin color, or your capabilities, anyone could afford it:)A love beyond understanding, so indescribable, A love that's never ending, and irreplaceable:)

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