Saturday, March 12, 2011

An hour to live, an hour to love:)

An hour to live, an hour to love:)If you had one hour to live and make just one phone call, who would you call?what would you say?If time wouldn't please me, and it was my time.I shall leave her.including you.the 'her' who is the only main reason, why am I smiling but as well can make me sad:)It's sad to know that I gonna lose you.not in future,but now:(as I live, I would love you no matter what:)I wish that I could heard you for the last time of my life.but, I don't wanna make you down.I don't want to.It killed me, inside.what shall I say?:)to you?:)should I say, it was my opportunities to meet you, dear.and I never expected anything happen in between us:)never!:)it's just happen in a sudden.when we first met, I had no idea we would be so important to each mean not only the world to me,but you're my life:)seem like yesterday I saw your face.and now I gonna leave sad it is?:(I shall return my life to the creator of nature:)the god:)

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