Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There's nothing.NOTHING!:(

You have 3 can give up,give in or either give it your all to me.and you told me to give all yours.but,there's nothing that you could ever say to me,nothing that you could ever do to make me see what I mean to you.There's nothing I can do to stop the feeling,but there's nothing you can do to help it.Its was too late for everything.knowing that,you wouldn't love me much.but,trying to figure it out.its was the worst thing ever.It was stupid to have hope in you.I guess that I'm asking you to perfect ones.why is it so terrible if someone else makes a mistake?why are you excepting the people around you to be perfect when you know that nobody is?:)tell me why!dear Kim:)I'm sorry that I even tried to make you be the perfect ones.but,you never understood me.that's why I don't talk too much when I with you.things that are hard to say are usually the most important.and I gotta stop rethinking things because normally,my first thoughts are the right ones.

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  1. Hey there..I was browsing throughout the net, and I came across this blog and read this recent post. And I thought of commenting about it.

    Since that you stated there, that you Do Not Hate Comments so I suppose I shall have out my thoughts regarding on this post appropriately.

    First of all, I do not know who are referring to, but ...

    It's mankind nature. It happens. When we care so much for someone , hoping for the best in them, or can even give up on everything for just for them and wishing they could just see how much we care or realize that our love towards them exist.....
    Well, people rarely realize it.

    But, Trust me.
    You wrote there earlier saying you were stupid to have hope in ' you ' .
    NO. You're not stupid. That person you were referring to IS Stupid. Not You.
    That person is just stupid enough NOT to realize the good things, the love, in front of them .. until it's good. and then regret.

    As far as I concerned, you've done and care much for that particular person. It's just that person who do not appreciate it much.
    And my dear, don't be sorry for yourself. You did nothing.
    Be sorry for that person who expect every good thing to be around him/her when there's nothing is perfect.

    We humans, make mistakes too. It one could not accept the existence of people making mistakes. Then I guess he/she never really have courage to take a step to the world outside. We make mistakes and learn from it.

    I understand..the feeling, when we're in a very crucial moment, trying to decide if we shall speak up or not, worrying if we will say something wrong at the most crucial moment.

    Regarding on this situation that you've just wrote it down......

    My dear friend here,

    You've got NOTHING to lose at all. You done what you could. That person is just living a sad life for not accepting what IT IS in the happening. And You gotta have courage to speak up now or never. Have a little faith in you. In everything you see, it happens for a reason. Whether it's bad or good
    indirectly, there's something good about it. Look up to God, talk to him. As he will show you the right path in life.