Saturday, October 8, 2011

As I travel on,

'As I travel on, love's what I remember.' Mistake's what people remember. Moment's what we remember. People do say I'm different now. maybe it's because I've learnt how to protect myself from being used. learnt from being hurt. learnt how to live better. growing up within days. so, it's eventually the new 'me'. you know, I've been giving you my all, and even more than that. that's why I'm hanging on to you. and I'm hanging onto you. hoping that someday, you'll give me yours. but, you never will. never been. do you know, I don't care how much, how many time I've spent for you. I've never been regret of all this. but, seeing you without putting on any effort on it. it just making a bigger hole in my heart.

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