Monday, October 10, 2011

I would do anything.

I keep thinking times will never change, keep thinking things will always be the same. but, sometimes, things just happen beyond our control. People changed. so do feeling.There are just so many things I'm not sure of in life. but with all certain at this every minute, all I ever know is. I miss you. the old you. If only sorrow could build a staircase, or tears could show the way. I would climb my way to heaven. and bring the old you back home again. I would do anything just to bring you back to me. Because if I got you back , I would get back the friend that I once knew!:) I believe in myself. I believe I could bring you back. don't tell me. I'm just a dreamer. I dream my life away. I'm just a dreamer, who dreams of better days. I lived in the reality. and I met you in reality. It isn't fantasy for me to fill, it's reality!:) dear, you'll be the 'you' again.

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