Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eyes were true.

Don't matter what people say. I just gonna love you still. I remember, when you looked into my eyes. you saw right through me & I could not hide. I was exposed just like a child. All of my heart, I wished you'll hug me in your arms. and you did. but, you leave. Now I see myself through different eyes, it's not surprise. being alone would make me realize. when it's over. I know I push you away. what can I do that will save our love? take these material things. they don't mean nothing. it's you that I want. I never wanted to see things in this way. had to go astray why was I such a fool. Now I see that the grass is greener. Is it too late for me to find back the trust on you, how could I be so wrong? I'm sorry. darling. everything's over. remains our love.

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