Thursday, December 23, 2010

The end of the year :)

Well, that's is it:)here's come the end of the year:)there's a lot of memorize within in good nor bad:)friends that's I had:)leaders that's I appreciate:)class that's, Imma the class rep:)team work, there's is not only "I" in it:)but the success:) coming together,sharing together,working together and success-ding together:) society that's I been a part of it:)and the one that I might been in love with, for no reason:)My beloved ones, KM:) the one that I might hurt-ed, when I'm not in the mood:) and the one that I care for:)with love and joy:)I'm sorry:)if there's any misunderstanding, the words that I spoken isn't that polite and the way that I been walk through, isn't the right way for it:) please forgive me:) and thanks for your forgiveness:)

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