Friday, December 31, 2010


Sometimes I'm wonder, what is a friend???:)and I say "a friend is someone who share last cookie with you:)cookie monster:)with friendship, no matter how fierce the argument, no matter how many tears are shed,no matter how angry we get, and no matter how harsh the words were said:)we're friends, until the very end:)and our love will always keep us together:) Friends do bring out a special cheer and a special moment:)Friends make you remember all of the good times you've had:)the miserable times, the difficult times:)and the happy nor the bad:)Friend is a part of us that will never go away, no matter how hard you try, know that we're here to stay:)friend will be there for you:)through thick and through thin. Friend will make you smile, laugh, cry and grin:)friend will always be with us:)

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