Saturday, December 18, 2010

You're the a part of me:)

I couldn't help but cry, whenever life seems to drift you away from me:)You grown to be a part of me that without you,life's no more than desperate sigh. They do say friend come and go in your life but to that I disagree, so, here's my hand:)Please hold me tightly, and don't let go of me:)remember those days, that I use to be at your side always,wiping all your tears away:)I'll smile when you smile and I feel the pain that you do:)When you cry a single tears, I'll cry with you too.:)do you remember those days??some days you'll forget the closeness that we're have, the jokes that we're share:)and you will get along with someone who can get along with more than I can:)and the only thing that I hope is, someday you will realize that I'm the one who have touched your heart. We're will be apart, because we're been pulled to different directions.

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