Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is what, we're call it as LOVE:)

To love is nothing, to be loved is something , to love and to be loved is everything:)and I'm the nothing,you the something and let us to be the everything:)could this happen???I hold on the thought, that's you not mine:)and I'm going to see you in my eyes, smile and said that "you're not mine":)then, I'll walked away:)and turn at the last moment:)and say, But I wish, YOU WERE:)I want to scream, I want to shout, I want to have faith and never doubt, I want to bend and break, to sleep and never wake, I want to break down walls and to escape, to be alone and hide my face, I want to feel, I want to touch:)There's should be a reason for me, to do all this:)Is was because I want to stop wanting you too much:)I wish that "we're the everything:)and I rather to be blind than not to see you, I rather to be deaf than not listing to you and I rather to lose my voice, than not to talk to you:)and even, I rather to give my heart to god than not to love you:)all I want you to know is, that I love you:)I miss you when there's no reason to, how much more if there was???:)I miss you, when we're talk, how much more, if we're don't???:)I miss you when we're together, how much more, when I don't even have a chances to see you again???and I love you, how much more later???no one knows:)except the creator of the world "GOD":)do you need I say that, I care you when I really do???and do you need I say that I love you when you notice that my life is you???and do you need I say that I need you, when you mean everything to me???do you want me to tell them, to you???:)I'll tell you, if you ask me to:)

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