Thursday, December 16, 2010

So there's be the reason for eveything:)

I realize that, your life still go on without me, you could be happy without me and you could survive without me.But even, if you turn me away:)I still would choose to stay with you and be your sweetest friend forever:)It was because, I Love you:)so, I choose to stay with you:)If you hide, I'll seek for you,if you lost, I'll search for you, if you leave, I'll wait for you and even someone want to take you away for me, I'm certainly will fight for you:)I do this, It was because I doesn't want to lose someone that I really Love:)I couldn't find others to love, except you:)but, when I look at you, I feel like crying:)It was because I want you :)and why am I still liking you, after all you had hurt me with your word???:)It was because I like you, seriously:)and I can't control myself by not talking about you and thinking about you, all the time:)and It was because I LOVE YOU":)but when I think you gonna leave me in further, day by day:)It's too sad:)and what else can I do??there's nothing leave for me to do:)you told me, that you like me:)but I didn't take it seriously:)It was because I scare that you was just kidding":)and,I can't feel anything despite the fact that you don't like me anymore:)and I use to be another nuisance to you:)I'll try to leave you:)I'm sorry":)Please forgive me:)sorry, my eyes for admiring your beauty, and all I can do right now, Is just sit and stare:)

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