Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ain't hard to take:)

I don't say I love you out of habit, or just to say it back. I say it because I mean it with all my heart. You can love me, hate me, lie to me, talk to me, believe me, strengthen me, miss me & hug me:) but you can't break me. except you:)the only you can break my heart:) I'm a strong girl who keeps her stuff in line but whenever I have tears running down my face I always manage to say two words. I'm fine. Do you remember the day you make me cry so badly? I still remember it so clearly. you manage to make me cry so badly. I cry, not because I'm weak. it's because you're important. & I scare that I might lose you. so, that was tears of fears. All of the pain that you gave. ain't hard to take:) I could handle it well. But, you'll never know my pain until you look into my eyes.

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