Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The only strength I have is that which you gave me. but, I lost it. and can't be found. I doesn't know, where does it goes? We have different opinion between our relationship. I told you what I truly wanted. and so do you. but, it seen that. you don't get what I mean. you don't understand me. and so do I. I found that, we're so much more different within each others. but, why are we meant to be together? We have different personality, style and behavior. but, we end up fallen for each other. and we do have the same motto. that was. Winning mean everything. I knew that, love isn't about getting it right, its knowing when its wrong and having the courage to work at it together. do you willing to take courage and work it out together? I will. cause I never want to leave a place where I can be loved and adored. There is truly no better feeling in life than to be held in your arms. Darling, I love you the most:)

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