Saturday, May 21, 2011


Friends are like stars. some come and go:)it's your optional to stay or leave:)but the ones that stay are the one that glow:)that's my darling:)you have no optional:)you could just stay with me:)I wouldn't let you go:)you're my life:)without you, there's no life for me to live:) There's no word that I can describe you, there's no object that can replace you, there's no unhappy moment when I'm with you:)you're the one and the only one in my life and I'm the one and the only one in your life:)Kenru Foo Wai Sum love Kar Meng:) K&K:)KM&KM:) aww:)it's sweet :)sweet than a sugar floss:) you're the best thing that has ever happen to me:) I really am happy to be with you:) you're being appreciate for being who you are to me:)my darling:)your hugs made me warm, your love kept me safe:) your words show your honestly:) your action showed me, how much you love me:) I have love you first:) I wouldn't love others. but only you:)

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