Friday, April 29, 2011

Never expect.

Everything is taken away for a reason. so that there would be space for something better. I'm not sure which was the bigger lie, when you said I could trust you or when you said you loved me. don't tell half truths and expect trust. I'm not really child- minded. I just want you to treat me as your baby. but, I'll never be cause I'll never try. I'll never know what you say and what you try to mean it to me. you shouldn't expect me to read your mind. Expecting something only leads to disappointment. so, I always there. telling myself. it's impossible. it's risky. it's pointless. but, I'll always give me a chance to try. cause my heart whispered.but, love always come in a way you never expect. A dream is a wish your heart makes. the pain never went away. I just got real good at hiding it. its amazing what you can hide by putting on a smile. isn't it?:) It hurts when all you want is to be everything someone could ever want, then you realize to them you alone just aren't enough.

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