Monday, April 11, 2011

stupid jokes.

you do said that, if you did mistakes, there's always an eraser or correction tape to make it right.but, do you know that. trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller after every mistake. I know, I have to trust you.but, when I was truly trusted you, you just made everything seen to be wrong.
when we're fight. I'll fight back the urge to text you, call you. telling myself that I'm wrong although I'm the right one. I cheated on my fears. and now I'm okay.Love isn't just cuddling or whispering sweet nothings, its compromising, sacrificing & giving up something just to make the relationship last longer. I'll compromising, sacrificing &giving up something just to make our relationship last more longer. cause I don't want to lose you. I usually laugh at your stupid jokes.some made me cry. apologize from you made me feel bad. you really mean so much to me. and I'll tell life. because tomorrow's not guaranteed to anyone.

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