Thursday, April 21, 2011

Should be a limit:)

I miss our talks, I miss you making me laugh, you were my rock, you were always there to make things better:)I want to feel your arms around me and hear you say something sweet in my ear:)♥ will you tell them to me?:)I'm missing you because your not here with me. I want you to hold me tight because I feel safe with you. There should be a limit to how much you can actually miss someone. Its just been 5 days and I going crazy already. I wish that there was 6 school days and 1 week day. I'm gonna tell you 'one time' that I need 'somebody to love so 'love me' & I'll be that 'One less lonely girl' & your 'favorite girl:)Justin Bieber was right, when you smile, I smile:)darling:)

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