Sunday, April 17, 2011

Never leave:)never fear:)

I'm such a jealous person when it comes to you:)If you leave me, can I come with you?:)ahaha:)you'll never leave. I know that:) it was because, you don't care who am I, where I'm from, what did I do, as long as I love you:)and as long as I live, I'll love you. and you'll never leave me:)Without dreams there is nothing to love:)and without love there is nothing worth dreaming about. dream as long as you live:) I have come to realize, that people really have an effect on your life, and if its good, you must tell them how much you love them NOW:)but, how am I gonna tell you?:)knowing that, all I ever did right now. is loving you.darling:)you know. the hardest thing to say is "Goodbye" when you're really in love with your beloved ones:)

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