Friday, August 12, 2011


I never say no, not because I'm willing to, because I love you. I never get angry, not because I did not have temper, because I love you, I never cry, not because I did not have tears, because I love you. Love might be another sad story of us, but. never ever regret of being together. fate brings us to be together. I love you and I'm loved by you. how sweet it is? to be love in return? it's hard to find someone who'll love you in return, isn't it? appreciate what you have. but, sometimes. being just friends is easier. It would be turn out more happiness between us. it was because I wouldn't be losing you in the end!:)I knew you wouldn't leave me. cause you never think about it. you truly love me. aww!:)thanks darling!:)

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