Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunshine after the rainy day.

Love need no explanation. just communication.I can always tell how much I really like you by how long it takes me to delete your text messages!:)darling!:) It's so hilarious. when recalling back memories. I looks so strong standing there smiling, little does anyone know, last night I fell asleep crying. I smile so the tears don't show, I laugh like I don't hurt at all. I fake it so you never know that I still haven't let you go. although, I'm asking for breakup. how wonderful is it? I'm being so strong. I thought you're my weakness. but, oh-yea!:)you're my strength too. sunshine after the rainy day!:) liking you doesn't really change a thing, but when the moment, you liked me it would change the whole world:)

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