Friday, August 19, 2011

If you ask.

I'm the type of girl who could be strong enough to stand alone, yet humble enough to know that everyone needs somebody. I need you too. do you know, I always thought that something really small only can fits right in my heart. but, it seen. my darling could fits better into my empty place in my heart. I love the way we used to stare at each other without even saying a word. just we know, deep in our heart. we been loved with different ways within us. darling, if you ask me, am I needed?:) I'll say is forever. you probably would be forever to me. but, as time goes by. I have not guarantee. someday, I gonna live by my own. since the day you'll left. if you ask me, would I left you?:) never. I never wanna left you. but. someday, something, somehow. we gonna be separate. and I'll never be regret by being with you. cause everything happen for a reason. it happen to teach how to love better.

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