Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Live by the sun, love by the moon:)My smile were back!:) you are the one that brings the smile to my face. but most importantly, you are the one who can actually keep in there!:)Things will get better worse before they get better. I remember who's there to put a smile on me and helped me when I'm down without you, darling. By this,I knew who's my true friends!:) you'll never leave, never be. aww!:)that's what friend for!:) am I right?:) without your exist, I'm currently making some changes in my life. because of you, half of my time I don't even know how to smile.There's something about the way the world looks brighter when you're here!:) darling, don't ever leave me, alright?:) I know you're never gonna leave so. it's funny when you remind me of. 'once upon a time, we had a lot to fight for'.

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